eddyguard c

Single channel digital eddy current test instrument
non-destructive testing of metal components,
mass-produced parts and semi-finished products for
cracks, pores and grinder burn using our
Preventive Multi-Filter Technology (PMFT).

New iTAS technology

ibg’s new iTAS technology in the eddyvisor almost entirely compensates the influence of component temperature fluctuations for structure test. Pseudo rejects are reduced and your test results become more precise and stable.

eddy Q-DAS

The new eddy Q-DAS PC-based software
receives the test results and serial numbers
of your parts and provides
them AQDEF compliant to the
QS-STAT interface of your database.

eddyliner S

Digital eddy current test instrument for one-channel non-destructive testing of metal components, mass-produced parts and semi-finished products using our
Preventive Multi-Frequency Technology (PMFT).

ibg’s ring sorter

Sorting machine for dynamic structure
test of rings  (30-120 mm in diameter).
Up to 90 rings per minute,
with active OK-sorting.

For more than 30 years, the ibg group has been a market leader manufacturing eddy current test instruments for non-destructive testing (NDT) and setting technology standards. Whether for multi-frequency structure verification, simultaneous harmonic analysis, temperature-adaptive structure test, automatic tolerance zone generation or multi-filter crack and grinder burn detection.

Again and again innovations and inventions of our developers shape the market and ease resp. even enable the solution of your challenging test task. The headquarters in Ebermannstadt (Germany), the subsidiaries in Switzerland (Global) and the US (America) as well as our competent partner network support our worldwide customers in industry and automotive engineering.