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Visualisation of the tested part – available since 2012

We are continuously improving our instrument software in order to provide our customers with new features that facilitate and improve their testing tasks.

We are happy to draw on the suggestions of our customers, which have often found their way into our devices.

With software updates your older instruments and existing installations can subsequently benefit from many innovations (depending on age and type of instrument).

If you are interested in one of the following new functions, please give us a call:



March 2019 Now it is possible to enter the Part-ID manually, making documentation of the test easier
June 2018 The max. throughput was increased considerably: now, the new eddyvisor® Rev. B runs up to 40 stations per second, and the eddyliner® or eddyguard® are capable to test up to 10 parts per second
March 2018 The C-scan display was replaced by the brand new C-Scan (Heatmap) display
July 2017 The menu “Setup Trigger based Suspend” was completely reworked, to make it much easier and more precise to blend out defined regions of the part during a crak test
The eddyvisor® with the new HMI Rev. B, now allows 250 part types (or 100, case there are more than 8 locations)
April 2014 iTAS (ibg´s Temperature Adaptive Structure Test) in eddyvisor®: Structure test with automatic temperature adaptation.
eddyguard may now be operated with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 and Windows 8.
A new and clear version of the data storage program eddyLogger which allows specific selection of the data to be stored.
June 2013 Function „automatic print“ – there is the additional possibility to print the screen automatically at each NOK-part (or at each part).
Selection of part type by PLC can also be done by Ethernet.
New high-speed test mode for shortest test times, especially helpful for dynamic structure tests.
New quick AutoStart which enables a much more precise trigger for dynamic structure tests.
November 2012 All project data are stored as .zip file for ease of e-mail.
August 2012 Function “box counter” for monitoring of the fill level of good and bad part containers.
March 2012 Function „Part ID“ – a part-ID (e.g. serial number – up to 40 digits Unicode) can be received via Ethernet which is allocated to the relating test part in the test instrument and after the test it is output via Ethernet to the on-site data management system in the quality data e.g. in Q-DAS standard.
A picture of the test part with allocation to the individual test stations can be displayed by the instrument, after end of test with colouring green / red depending on test result of each location.
February 2012 Test data can now be sent in Q-DAS format as an option.
October 2011 The reworked function “Trigger-based suspend” eases the targeted fading out degree-angle based areas of the test part at crack detection.
Januar 2011 First version with iSHA (ibg’s Simultaneous Harmonic Analysis) – for structure test, the simultaneous evaluation of two harmonics of all eight frequencies in addition to the fundamental wave offers more precise results.


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