Instrument check-up

Annual instrument check-up


The international standard DIN EN ISO 15549 „Non Destructive Testing – Eddy Current Testing“ demands a preventive regular checking of the instruments, normally in a periodicity of one year. Possible deviations as well as possible corrective measures have to be documented in a checking protocol.

During their annual visits, the auditors of the customers of our customers like to verify label at the back of our eddy current testers, in order to control the date of the last checking. Overdue checking dates always will lead to demerits in the report of the audit.

As the producer of the test equipment we would like to offer you the yearly checking of your ibg instruments. Where applicable, we follow DIN EN ISO 15549, and, depending on the instrument and its use, following items will be checked and performed by our qualified technicians:

  • Visual inspection, checking of the operational conditions
  • Back-up of the project (configurations, adjustments and test data) on an USB stick.
  • Checking of the probe monitoring
  • Checking of functions of the LED’s at crack simulator
  • Checking of functions of the LED’s at the instrument
  • Checking of the crack signal and/ or structure signal by means of a simulator
  • Checking of the rotation/ trigger signal
  • Test of all I/ O ports
  • Control of the probe and coil cables
  • Restore the saved project
  • Final functional test with test run
  • Checking protocol, checking label
  • Optionally, we may also check the coils and/ or probes

This yearly checking of the eddy current testing equipment is not a calibration in the classical meaning, but a functional checking of the test equipment according to ibg standards. Due to the fact that eddy current testing is a comparative method, a classical calibration, meaning a comparison of a measured value with a known standard, is not possible, as the result of an eddy current test is the comparison of the parameters of a test part with the parameters of the calibration parts.

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