Application laboratory

Find out if your test task can in principle be solved with eddy current? Could your costs be reduced, by applying state of the art eddy current technology?

Would you like to improve your test speed on an existing line, increase the test sensitivity or do you need to apply a new defect specification?

In such cases please send sample parts to the ibg application laboratory or just call us. We will evaluate the technical feasibility with the eddy current technology – free of charge and without commitment.
Feasibility studies at ibg will be carried out promptly and in accordance with your schedule. The conditions of a serial test are simulated as far as possible. Any necessary tools can be provided by the ibg engineering department within a short time. All results will be given in a detailed report to provide you a clear indication of the feasibility results and any limitations.

We offer:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Improvements for existing applications
  • Design and development of customer specific solutions
  • Field studies


17. -19.10.2017
National Conference & Exhibition on NDT
Starachowice/ POLAND



Galgenried 6
CH-6370 Stans Switzerland

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